5 Things I Love About My Mother

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday. Unfortunately, the inspiration for this post came after the party was over, so I’m obliged to say what I have to say later than I’d like to have said it… if you know what I mean. So without further adieu, I give you five things I love about my Mother.

  • I. Far Above Rubies – Giant question mark on your forehead? Check out Proverbs 31:10-31. You just read the most succinct, accurate, and elegantly worded description of my Mom available on this planet (or any other, for that matter). I’m certain I can’t top it, so I won’t even waste my breath. Or my ink.
  • II. Books, Books, and More Books – You may know that I’m a tried and convicted bibliophile; what you may not know is that I have my Mom to blame for that. Reverence for (and delight in) the printed word is so pervasive in our house that even my two-year-old brother is guilty of devouring books – in some cases, literally. What can I say? We’re messed up. In an awesome sort of way. Here’s lookin’ at you, Mom.
  • III. “The Name’s Bond. James Bond.” – Yes, my Mom watches movies with us. That, in and of itself, is pretty cool. Even cooler is the fact that her tastes are varied. I mean, Wives and Daughters is great, but what can you say about a Mom who’s willing to watch Gladiator and Saving Private Ryan, too? She may not even care for a this or that genre, but she’ll still give it a shot if you ask her to – ’cause she’s that kind of person.
  • IV. What’s Cookin’? – I know everybody under the sun says their Mom is the best cook in the world, but frankly, they’re all liars. I ought to know. I’ve eaten my Mom’s cooking for the entire duration of my existence on this cosmic dust speck, and nobody (and I mean nobody) has matched her yet. I dare you to try. Feelin’ lucky, punk?
  • V. Smiles All ‘Round – I think it’s safe to say that without my Mom, there would be a lot less laughter in our house. So if mirth is God’s medicine, as Beecher once said, then my Mom is the most liberal dispenser of it I have ever met. She’s just a fun person to be around. And we love her for it.

Five things. Just five things. Because in all honesty, there’s not enough room here to scribble down the rest.


47 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About My Mother”

  1. “Five things. Just five things. Because in all honesty, there’s not enough room here to scribble down the rest.”
    So true. Though I dare say that my mom cooks better. :D Thank you for posting.

  2. That’s an awesome post. Although I think my mom is the best cook there, she’s also responsible for my love of action movies like Rocky and The Karate Kid trilogy. (sans language of course).

  3. :)
    Ha, the problem with getting school work done at our house is that whenever Mom wants to go over work with me, I’m busy reading, and whenever I want to go over work with her, she’s busy reading…

    My Mom is absolutely the best cook of her particular genre, and no one could possibly beat her at it.

    Just saying…

  4. *sigh*
    If you want to say she’s a better cook than my mom… AND that I’m a liar….. besides the fact that you claim she’s more precious and above rubies than my mom is….. I am really going to…… going to…..let my brother get you someday….


      1. That’s not the way to make friends but that’s the kind threat to make to keep from getting hurt. Good plan my bloggin’ brother. ;)

          1. Well if she does unleash him you could try calling Mechagodzilla, King Gahdorah (not sure that’s how you spell his name),or Monster Zero, Inky, old chum. Or all three, just in case. ;)

  5. That’s a great list, Corey! Your way of phrasing it, just might get you a few enemies, *looks at Renata’s comment*, but it’s a great tribute to your Mom! :D

    Your Mom really is a great inspiration to me through her blog. I hope she had a blessed birthday!

    To the KING be all the glory!

    1. My phrasing was intentional… I must tell the truth, after all. Would you have me do otherwise? ;)

      I’m glad to hear you’ve been blessed through my Mom’s writing – I know she’d be blessed to hear it. :) Thanks for the comment!

  6. Dear Inkslinger,

    It makes a mother’s heart sing and brings a tear to the eye to read such an endearing tribute to your precious mother. She is definitely blessed!

    Blessings to you and yours, charisse

  7. *Slaps forehead* The one time, I say, the one time that WordPress decides that I don’t need to get email updates for your blog………you do a post like this. Shucks! Well. I’m going to have to do something about this……..

    I thought you were writing about my mom for a minute, but then I could never stop at five, I’d have to do at least ten. *sticks out tongue* ;) About the cooking–you wanna thumb wrestle over that?

  8. Wow, Corey! You could have just described *my* Mum perfectly there! They should meet someday, your Mum sounds just as awesome as mine! :D Happy belated birthday to her from Aussie!

      1. Well, we will someday for sure and certain, but it would be nice if we got the opportunity on this earth first! :D

  9. @M. Renata: I am SO SORRY…I didn’t realize you were a girl. Inky, old buddy, why didn’t you say something?!

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