93 thoughts on “Moria”

  1. By the way, I really don’t laugh like that. It’s more of a HA!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!…ha.

  2. Tolkein had that in mind originally for sure…he just had to kill of Gandalf somehow…that’s what happened.

    Seriously though, that’s hilarious.

      1. It’s a writer’s thing. :-D When the character isn’t working, kill them!

        Then, if they behave (and you might..need…them..for…the…rest…of..the…story…ahem) you bring them back.

        Worked for him.

          1. Yes, it’s very clever. And painfully true, as well. The “I-must-be-right-all-the-time-and-let-everybody-know-it” attitude is one we have to guard against as internet-users.

          2. Heh. That sounds so much like my friend. If you’ve read Artemis Fowl, he’s just like Artemis (minus being a sociopath) and loves researching online – an d being right.

  3. lol I’m slow today. It took me three tries to figure this one out. *rolls eyes*

    I read your review on The Avengers. Not sure when we’ll see it, (we still have a few movies to see first, like Thor) but I was glad to read your thoughts. This movie seems so popular, that I have a tendency to be even more skeptical about it than otherwise. :p

    Oh! and good review of I Am Legend. It looks like an interesting, though very dark book. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t want to be in Robert Neville’s position!

    To the KING be all the glory!

    1. On The Avengers… I was skeptical, too, but believe me, it more than lives up to the hype. I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. :)

      On I Am Legend… it’s very interesting, and yes, it’s also very dark. Realistically so, but still not cheery stuff. (But who said all good literature had to be cheery, right?) :D

      Thanks for commenting!

      1. At the risk of adding more comments to an already loaded post…

        If it’s as good as Captain America then I’m sure I’ll like it. I am not looking forward to Iron Man 2 really. I know we’re planning to see it soon though.

        Good thing all literature doesn’t have to be cheery. I know of some authors who would be banned. :p

    2. @Rebekah: [i]Thor[/i] was decent but I still need to see [i]Iron Man 2[/i] and I can’t wait to see [i]The Avengers[/i].

      1. I really enjoyed Thor, but Iron Man 2 just doesn’t live up to its predecessor. It’s kind of all over the place and the villain is forgettable. Plus, it lacks the moral core of the first film.

        1. Thanks for the honest comment on the movie. I still want to see it for [i]The Avengers[/i] sake. That and Iron Man is my personal favorite Marvel superhero along with Dare Devil and Captain America.

        1. It’s not what it seems, really – less like mythology, more like sci-fi. :) Thor and his people (the Asgardians) are presented more as “aliens” from another planet rather than as gods. They consider their powers to be merely the product of advanced science. At one point, when they visited earth, the humans mistook them for gods.

          1. Okay. That’s better than I was afraid of. It really bothers me when characters are presented as “real” gods. I try to avoid those. It just seems like blasphemy.

            Thanks! :)

    3. By the way [i]I am Legend[/i] is a very interesting story. It is one of the two vampire stories that I can stand besides [i]Priest[/i] this far.

        1. It’s still awesome. I mean you’ve also got like,ninja/judo/special forces PRIESTS! with a killer twist ending (for a vampire movie). that one could make a sequel.

          1. They probably would make a sequel, only it didn’t do very well. Even though we enjoyed it, not many other people wanted to see another one.

        1. He’s right you know. it’s like the original vampire story. *ominous voice* So far as I know.

    1. Umm *clears throat and chuckles* your words are italicized. Before the word Is it working? and after it.

  4. Not to be sardonic, but I can’t figure out which keys on the keyboard to press.try spacing them for me.

          1. *looks at Amy, smiles, and then so I don’t scare her, moves slowly away*. xD

          1. Yes he is my hermano. And from the recent havoc I’ve seen him bring to the comment section, I’ve got my work cut out for me. :P ;)

          1. Well, you’ve got my younger brother leaving a billion comments…

            You should see him on Aubrey Hansen’s blog…

          2. *is glad to have finally unsubscribed from email notifications every time a new comment is published on this post*


          3. I’m not annoyed any longer :P

            (and I wasn’t ever really annoyed….but I am glad to not get any more emails)

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