Flotsam & Jetsam (5/8)

Steve Jobs’ “Golden Ticket” Publicity Idea – Joseph Darnell writes, “We all know Steve was flamboyant. This one story takes the cake…”

Top Favorite Movie Soundtracks – I plan on compiling a list like this shortly, but until then, I highly recommend check out what Bushmaid has to offer. I haven’t listened to all the scores on her list, but the ones I have heard are excellent – so I assume the rest are, too.

Neither Left Nor Right –  A good reminder from Timothy Keller.

“Call of Duty”: A Call to Biblical Manhood– Easily one of my favorite posts from Chief of the Least. “Gaming addictions are some of the worst kind. [Young men] should be finding a career, getting married, rearing children, and at the very least moving out of their parent’s house. Instead they are settling for notoriety of their ‘thumb skills’ and ‘E-hard’ status. A whole generation of young women are still waiting for their respective “Peter Pans” to awaken from their self induced Never-land’s.”

A Page From Church History – Somehow, I forgot to include this in last week’s F&J, so here it is: a little late, but well worth a read.

“Scripture does what psychoanalysis can’t do – it pierces the heart, penetrates deep into the soul and judges the motives. To see yourself in the light of Scripture, is to see yourself as you really are.” ~ John MacArthur

4 thoughts on “Flotsam & Jetsam (5/8)”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the church history post. My guess is you’ve already picked up a few books by Stephen J. Nichols — if not, you need to! He makes church history come alive!

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