21 thoughts on “Sanity”

  1. Oh great. Now I’m in trouble. Don’t tell that to my family, okay!? We all kind of run on one collaborative mind…….which can be a problem sometimes…….oy vey.

      1. Do I have to thank you for that?
        And of course the real question is, can I buy your parachute? :)

          1. I’ll start the bidding with everything I have in my bank account for a share in the parachute – because it won’t do me any good if I hit the ground without it… :D

          2. well, if you get enough cash, it might. You could always experiment and find out. :)

            Jessica, I raise you.

  2. Hmmm…how about my bank account – credit card – my entire library of over 300 hunderd books…and a homemade pie christened proposal pie by a dear cousin of mine…He told me if you want him to pop the question – make him this….so maybe it will work with the proposal in a share of the parachute?

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