How Terrifying A Prospect

“It astounds me, given the overwhelming use of psalms as central to gathered worship in the first four centuries, the absolute importance given to psalmody for the first two centuries of the post-Reformation Reformed churches, and the fact that the Book of Psalms is the only hymn book which can claim to be universal in its acceptance by the whole of Christendom and utterly inspired in all of its statements – it astounds me, I say, that so few psalms are sung in our worship services today. Moreover, often nothing seems to earn the scorn and derision of others more than the suggestion that more psalms should be sung in worship. Indeed, the last few years have seen a number of writers strike out against exclusive psalmody. Given that life is too short to engage in pointless polemics, I am left wondering which parallel universe these guys come from, where the most pressing and dangerous worship issue is clearly that people sing too much of the Bible in their services. How terrifying a prospect that would be! Imagine: people actually singing songs that express the full range of human emotion in their worship using words of which God has explicitly said ‘These are mine!'”

~ Carl Trueman, The Wages of Spin (p. 167)

4 thoughts on “How Terrifying A Prospect”

  1. I think the psalms were accompanied by a musical instrument. Plus you have the translation problem. I’ve never heard them song. Seems like it would be strange. Also thought I’d let you that I just made a post. I’ve been posting one every day for a while. So, as one of my followers, you’ve probably been swamped with updates. But this one I’m interested in getting some comments on. It’s called “Imagine There’s a Heaven”. I hope you have time to stop.



    Uh, sorry. You just keep making me want to read awesome books…but I don’t have any time to read. *sigh*

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