“Our God Is In the Heavens” (Shai Linne)

From Shai Linne’s album The Attributes of God. Not only is this a great song, it also coincides almost perfectly with my response to Sam Harris. Even if you don’t particularly care for rap, you should give it a listen: the lyrics are absolutely terrific.

11 thoughts on ““Our God Is In the Heavens” (Shai Linne)”

  1. You just scored bonus points with me! My boys love Christian rap and are always looking for new rappers (new to them). We’d not heard of this one. So, thank you!

      1. I had been refusing to let them listen to Lecrae (I can’t believe I’m saying this now!). Then, an older gentleman at church asked me to print out Lecrae’s lyrics and read them (since I really couldn’t understand what he was rapping…I think a person must be under the age of 30 to dicipher). When I read the lyrics, there was no question that he was approved for my sons’ iPods!

  2. I’ve always disliked rap, not so much for the beat, but because of certain rappers who say things that are horrible and morally degrading. I must say for an over 60 grandma with teen grandkids– I LIKED this! Thanks for daring to share!
    Be blessed

    1. Beyond Christians like Shai Linne and Lecrae, I don’t listen to rap either – simply because the vast majority of it is, like you said, “horrible and morally degrading.” Glad you liked this one! :)

  3. No surprise here, but this is one of my favorite albums. There’s a family that just joined our church who used to be at CHBC, who know Shai and his wife. From their description, I get the impression that his character is consistent with the lyrics he writes.

  4. Interesting. While I’m pretty musically adventurous, rap is not on my list of likes. This had good lyrics though, very theologically sound.

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