Splendid Sins!

“Without faith it is impossible to please God.” Hebrews 11:6

“Without saving faith, all moral virtues are but splendid sins!

Unbelief nullifies everything!
It is the dead fly in the ointment!
It is the poison in the pot!

All the moral virtues,
all the benevolence of philanthropy,
all the kindness of unselfish sympathy,
all the talents of genius,
all the bravery of patriotism
—give no title to Divine acceptance, for
‘without faith it is impossible to please God.'”

~ Charles Spurgeon

HT Grace Gems

15 thoughts on “Splendid Sins!”

  1. I.S.,
    Praise God for that!
    Sounds like 1st Cor. 13.
    Our Faith is in a ,”who.”
    Who gave everything for us.
    We, being convinced of His exceeding goodwill for us, find Christ worthy to be trusted, to be loved, and to put our hope and faith Him alone.
    In repsonse to His, “Divine acceptance”,we can place our hope im him.
    Thanks I.S.

  2. I understand Spurgeon suffered from gout, arthitic conditipns, depression, and his wife was bed ridden for most of his married life.
    Luther had an intestinal problem and also suffered from depression.
    The Apostle Paul had his,”thorn in the flesh”, as well.

    1. “Bad good” – I hadn’t heard that one! Cool. (I wish I could come up with catchy phrases as easily as these other guys do… somehow, they always beat me to it) :D

  3. I just love this quote! …May I just ask you to give me permission to translate this – and some other of your quote-posts, too – into Hungarian with the original source, etc.? I am a Christian translator looking for materials to translate all the time:-) And I so much like the quotes you choose. Spurgeon and J.C. Ryle are my – kind of newly discovered – favorites. From Ryle so far there has been only one book translated into Hungarian (the one about holiness) and even that is not available any more, unfortunately.
    And thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking an interest in it. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you! Blessings and greetings from Hungary.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply – I’ll go and check it out. And may I just say: Congratulations to your blog and literary efforts:-)! I am a teacher and a translator so I know how students can loathe reading and everything in connection with literature as such…:-) (At least here in my country…)
        So it is so good to see someone having and practicing such literary skills. I look forward to reading your posts. God bless you.

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