My Smart Phone Made Me Stupid


15 thoughts on “My Smart Phone Made Me Stupid”

  1. This is AWESOME!!!!!! LOL naturally coming from someone who doesn’t have one but I do have family members that have them…. :P they are boring! What is the point of Angry birds and when did birds start having anger issues anyway? Fruit Ninja? Is that for Ninjas who dream of being chef’s or something… Smart phone is just code word for Waste of Time….and LOTS OF IT!!!!! If I am going to get an something that expensive, I am going to purchase kindle so I can read all of the free books that amazon has.

      1. You are too intelligent to spend time with a “smart” phone. I don’t have a Kindle, but I’m
        sure it would be nice. Guess I’ll have to be satisfied with reading e books on my I Pad..
        Love you and I’m very proud of you, dear grandson,.

  2. Totally awesome. I love Messy Mondays!!!! We recently found him. He has got a lot of sense and.. well, is a little hyper, but that’s almost what makes it funny.

    This was really good, though. I hate it when I am talking with someone and they pull our their phone and start texting friends. Worse yet when they laugh at a text, but won’t let you in on it, even thought they’re laughing in your face… argh.

    Thanks for sharing this one. :) Oh, and the part with the tablet was awesome.

    1. Yeah, his hyper-activity is part of what makes his antics so funny! :) When we were on vacation one year, we went out to dinner with some extended family. One of the family members was 1) holding a child on her lap, 2) eating her food, 3) texting under the table, and 4) trying to carry on a coherent conversation with me. *facepalm*

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