Flotsam & Jetsam (2/2)

Sex-Trafficking at the Super Bowl [Caution: Mature] – “On February 5, 2012, over 100 million people will watch Super Bowl XLVI. Few of them will know about the horrific crimes that will be committed during and around the event in Indianapolis.”

Refuge In the Justice of God (Pt. 5) – Good thoughts, as usual, from Michael Wright. Here’s an excerpt from the post: “God is not limited by anything, nothing escapes His permission for action and ordaining decree.”

5 Ways Blogging Has Made Me a Better Writer – Marc Cortez writes, “I’ve begun reflecting on what I’ve gained from blogging. And some of the most important lessons so far have been about writing. To be honest, I’ve learned more in the last two years about how to write well than I learned in any of my college or seminary classes.”

Free Audiobook – Jerry Bridges’ Trusting God is free for the month of February.

Book Review: The Night Circus – I have this on my prospective reading list for 2012, so I enjoyed reading my friend’s take on it: “The plot itself, however, while at first appearing complex and original, is really very basic. It’s just wrapped up in a way to convince us otherwise.”

Reel Quick – Click here to read my thoughts on John Hillcoat’s The Proposition (2005).

“My God, spiritualise my affection! Give me to know what it is to have the intense and passionate love of Christ.” ~ Thomas Chalmers


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