If I Know Anything About the Character of God…

“From my perspective the number one ethical issue that this nation has ever faced is the issue of abortion. Abortion is not a matter of private choice—not for the Christian who understands anything about the sanctity of life. The first century church made it very clear in their day, explicitly stating that abortion is murder.

I’ve written over 70 books. The book that had the shortest shelf life of all of my books was my book on the case against abortion. I talked to pastor after pastor and sought to understand why they weren’t using this material (for which we also made a video series). They told me, ‘Well, we agree with it but we can’t do it in our church.’ And I said, ‘Why?’ They responded: ‘It will split the congregation.’ And I said, ‘So be it!’ A million and a half unborn babies are slaughtered wantonly in the United States of America every year in the name of women’s rights. If I know anything about the character of God after forty years of study, I know that God hates abortion.”

~ R.C. Sproul

14 thoughts on “If I Know Anything About the Character of God…”

  1. Wow. The perspective of some people…… a baby in that circumstance is called a consequence, not a punishment and not something you should avoid. Of course, the better option is to avoid the situation in the first place, but….

  2. Great quote from Sproul. I also wonder if the erroneous (IMHO) and popular idea of moral equivalence has weakened the revulsion and moral resolve of believers against abortion.

  3. Corey, I’m glad you posted this. I have never believed that Christians should be overly concerned with politics but this is NOT a political issue. It is a holocaust of epic porportions.

    Quick math: Hitler & Stalin: 35 million.
    Americans killing their babies legally since 1973: 50 million + according to the Centers for Disease Control

  4. Great quote!

    The worst part though was the punishment bit. How is a baby a punishment?? And anyway,if they don’t want the baby, they can give it up for adoption, not kill it! gaah..

  5. Sobering post, my son. May you be, as our Pastor said today, the sharp edges of Christ’s threshing sledge that destroys this horror, abortion. And may you also faithfully proclaim the truth of the Gospel, offering the hope that is only found in the blood of Christ. I love you!

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