War Horse

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Steven Spielberg’s finest film in years. The cinematography is gorgeous. The performances are stellar. The musical score is breathtaking. And the themes of courage, perseverance, and loyalty are timeless. Do yourself a favor: go see it. It’s grand, rich, and refreshingly old-fashioned storytelling from one of our greatest filmmakers.

“Can you imagine flying over a war and you know you can never look down? You have to look forward, or you’ll never get home… What could be braver than that?”

(I’ll be posting a more in-depth review
on my movie review site Reel Quick)

5 thoughts on “War Horse”

  1. Yes! This movie was the best I’ve seen since The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. So well done!! It’s always amazing to hear the audience clap for a movie.

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