Flotsam & Jetsam: Thanksgiving Day Edition

A Seminal Work – Some holiday humor from Truthinator.

Gratitude – Peter David Goss writes, “Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. It comes every year, good ones and bad. Repeating, repeating, repeating. Let’s not let it drain its richness. Instead, let’s treat it like the psalm, gather meaning up.”

Happy Thanksgiving! – From Ray Ortlund.

Open Letter to First-Time Turkey Cookers – “You do not have to be ‘truly reformed’ to use this recipe. You just have to like Turkey and stuffing.”

Joining the Thanksgiving Parade – A great post by Dr. Michael Horton. Here’s a snippet: “Human beings were created to live in gratitude and the goal of salvation is ultimately to restore this life of thanksgiving. The Heidelberg Catechism, in fact, is structured in terms of Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude, leading G. C. Berkouwer to conclude, ‘The essence of theology is grace; the essence of ethics is gratitude.’ Or, as we say around here, duties (imperatives) are always grounded in gospel promise (indicatives). The appropriate response to a gift is thankfulness.”

The Secret of True Thanksgiving – A wonderful quote from J.R. Miller, shared by Christina Langella.

“Thou Who hast given so much to me, give me one more
thing: a grateful heart!” ~ George Herbert

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