An Exercise in Manliness

Some of you may have caught this headline already, but for those who have not:
10-year-old Wash. Boy Defends Mom with BB Gun.

Apparently, the man accused of the assault rents a room in the woman’s home. He returned drunk Tuesday morning, kicked down a bedroom door, and began choking the woman. In response, the woman’s 10-year-old son struck the man with a board, and then proceeded to shoot him as many as four times in the face with a pump-action BB rifle.

The woman and her son were able to escape to a neighbor’s home and call for help; the 45-year-old attacker was treated at a hospital and subsequently arrested.

That’s what I call good old-fashioned red-blooded manliness. And in culture of limp-handed, pouty-faced, chicken-hearted girly guys, we need more of it.

5 thoughts on “An Exercise in Manliness”

  1. Amen to that!! That is great to hear 1) that the boy defended his mother in a manly fashion and 2) that HE didn’t get arrested (or charged or whatever) instead of the attacker.. Unfortunately, half the time you do self defense, you’re the one that gets in trouble……

  2. We watched that report tonight on the local news– ’twas epic.

    I loved that when the kid got chased out of the house, he didn’t run for help or call the police- instead just taking it into his own hands, like, “You hurt my Momma, then I hurt you.” :)

    Super awesome.

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