Flotsam & Jetsam (11/22)

Reel Quick – Click here to read my review of the 2009 sci-fi thriller Pandorum.

On Slipp’ry Terms – Gabriel Hudelson writes, “That word, that d-word, ‘discrimination’, is so powerfully loaded in today’s culture. Any time discrimination is ended, we should be glad. Right? Wrong.”

5 Reasons Not to Live in Canada – One reason is Justin Bieber. Unfortunately, he hopped across the border and is now residing in the United States. Drat. I have no idea how border patrol missed that one.

7 Marriage Lessons Learned on the Dance Floor – A neat article from The Resurgence.

October Baby – This looks like a great film. Megan Basham over at WORLD offers her thoughts: “A quick glance at the biographies of writer/directors Jon and Andrew Erwin, however, reveals that the brothers have plenty of miles logged on their professional odometers… [and it] goes a long way toward making the worthy idea of October Baby a more-than-worthy viewing experience.”

“You forget what you want to remember and remember what
you want to forget.” ~ Cormac McCarthy, The Road

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