8 thoughts on “Who’s On First (Abbot & Costello)”

  1. Haha, we LOVE this! Sarah and I had a shorter version memorized years ago. We have the words to the long one, but haven’t worked on it for a while. Now I want to dig it out and do it! :)

    Have you seen their “2-tens for a five”? That is great too. :D

  2. I absolutely love this skit of theirs! Though, I think that this version was a whole lot better than the other I had seen! It was amazing at how well they did with impro and whatnot. Definitely a funny pair of guys. :) Thanks for sharing this!!!

    1. I had to sort through several YouTube versions to find one that was good quality. Originally, I was just going to post the transcript of the skit, but it’s so much funnier to see the guys perform it. :)

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