Flotsam & Jetsam (9/15)

Is Jesus Enough… – for times of trouble? It’s a question we should all consider.

Me, Myself, and I – From Persis: “James is not the book to read if you want to feel complacent about yourself. He doesn’t mince any words about selfish ambition and bitter jealousy. In our day when narcissism has risen to new heights, we need to be reminded that these things are earthly, unspiritual, and demonic, because it’s the heart of ‘You
will be like God’.”

My Goals for Ministry – A wonderful, thought-provoking post from brother Gregg over at Gospel Driven Disciples.

Sweet Potato Pie – I think it most profoundly cruel of Petra to post about how yummy her sweet potato pies were when there are those of us who can’t eat any at the moment. I’m drooling now and my keyboard is ruined.

All Ackbar – For the Stars Wars geeks who read this blog, here’s a Hither & Thither from Dan Phillips… and it’s all about Admiral Ackbar!

Christ, the Church, and Pat Robertson – Russell Moore writes, “This week on his television show Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson said a man would be morally justified to divorce his wife with Alzheimer’s disease in order to marry another woman. The dementia-riddled wife is, Robertson said, “not there” anymore. This is more than an embarrassment. This is more than cruelty. This is a repudiation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Stand By Me! – Very neat.

“[Feminism] is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.” – G.K. Chesterton


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