Apprehended (Short Story)

My fourth short story is now available for you to read, weigh, and pick apart at this location. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. It was a blast to write; whether it’s a blast to read is another matter altogether. I’ll let you decide.

Apprehended is somewhat different from the previous stories I’ve shared on this blog (click here and here). Wolf ambled along and then delivered what was hopefully an unexpected punch right at the end; Missing was intended to be humorous, and judging from the responses I got, most people thought it was. With Apprehended, my aim was to infuse the story with a moody atmosphere, a sense of growing danger. I guess you could call it a slow-burn. Toward the end, it should explode.

***Do NOT read the comments on this post until you
have read the story yourself as there may be spoilers***

14 thoughts on “Apprehended (Short Story)”

  1. Ditto what Petra said!! Who did he kill?!?! Absolutely wonderful. You did a wonderful job of making the reader (me, any way) grow more nervous by the sentence! ;)

  2. Well, whoever it was—he *did* break in to the chap’s house, so he deserved to be shot, right? :D

    I think I’ve been listening to too much Irish music because as soon as I read the name “Wilson Donaghue”, the song title Bold O’Donahue popped in my head. Though I don’t think the song fits the story. ;)

    1. Good thinking, CG. :) The chap did indeed desrve to be shot. But who was he? And why does he look exactly like the killer?

      Yeah, I’m thinking that song probably doesn’t fit with the story. :) Maybe something more like the theme song to Jaws. ;)

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