Flotsam & Jetsam (9/8)

Truth – First, a laugh… courtesy of the ever-funny Julian Smith.

Movie Review: Apollo 18 – Movieology reviews the latest entry in the “found footage” genre: Apollo 18, a conspiracy-theory flick that shows us the real reason why we haven’t gone back to the moon. *rolls eyes*

The Great Commandment Pt. 8 – Michael Wright concludes his study of Mark 12:28-34.

The Power of the Poached Egg – An excellent article from Kevin DeYoung: budding writers (like myself) take heed. “All of us appreciate good writing. We may not know that, and if we know that we probably don’t know why. But we all prefer to read something written well. There’s a way to communicate the truth and have it sound muddled. There’s a way to make it understandable. And then there’s a way to make it sing. That’s the difference between clear prose and great prose.”

Simply Incoherent – From Pastor Douglas Wilson.

Is Jesus Enough? – Good thoughts. “Jesus did not go around trying to impress people but He was very impressive. In fact, He was the most impressive person who ever lived. Consider this, the most impressive person who ever lived, loves you and has loved you since before you ever were born and before time existed.”

A Deliberate Reminder – From Persis.

“Some people’s minds are so open, their brains fall out.” ~ Anonymous

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