Flotsam & Jetsam (7/28)

John Stott (1921-2011) – Yesterday, John Stott went to be with the Lord. As Challies says in this post, “The next couple of days will undoubtedly bring many more substantial and thought-provoking tributes and remembrances. In the meantime, we do well to thank the Lord for the life of this man.”

Are All Athiests Stupid? [Caution: Mature] – A bit of humor from Dan Phillips.

What is a Biblical View of Fantasy? (Pt. 1) –  The folks at Movieology put together two short video addressing a biblical view of fantasy and fiction. Whether you’re a watcher, reader, or writer of fantasy, you should definitely take time to give these a look. When you’re finished with the first part, click here for part 2.

On Books – A neat quote from Charles Dickens.

Amorphous Ism – Josh Litton writes, “Possession of a religious ideology of some ilk is, it appears, a significant factor in the minds of a diminutive majority of Americans when they select the future Commander in Chief. Or so the Public Religion Research Institute’s new poll observes. And, it should be noted by way of furthering the point, that the particular religious ideology is not, per se, as significant as is the fact of possessing one.”

Not Even One Second In Hell – A word from Joel Garner.

Faith In Your Faith? – An excellent post shared by RT. “We are never called to be satisfied or even occupied with our faith. We are, however, called to be occupied with Christ and His objective, outside of us, finished work!”

Is the Bible Really True? (John MacArthur) – Shared by Michael Wright of Made Free.

Let’s Get Back to Basics! – From Gregg: “I read a statement a few months ago that has stayed with me in an almost haunting fashion. ‘Most believers are not equipped to do more than attend church.’ On the surface this sounds like a tremendously
over-stated exaggeration doesn’t it? Is it? I submit that there is more truth
than myth in that statement.”

Sinful Fear – Good stuff. Persis writes, “For most of my life, I was plagued with sinful fear. On paper I would say that God was all powerful. But in my mind, that power could only extend to the point where it came in contact with the free will of man or the plans of the devil. This mind-set is used to bail out God when it comes to the problem of
evil, but it’s cold comfort at best, particularly when you think you are at the
mercy of man – not God.”

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to
make man a more clever devil.” ~ C.S. Lewis

11 thoughts on “Flotsam & Jetsam (7/28)”

  1. Great list! My fave might be RT’s post, but they’re all good! :-)
    BTW, Mr. Garner’s link linked to the post on another blog, but i did get there.

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