Scarcely Mentioned

“Let us take a look at the conversation of many professing Christians… You might spend from the first of January to the end of December and never hear them speak about their faith. They will scarcely even mention to name of Jesus Christ at all.  On Sunday afternoon, what will they talk about at the dinner table? It will not be about the minister’s sermon, unless they want to point out some faults.

“Do they even talk about what Jesus said and did? What He suffered for us? When we go to each other’s houses, what will we talk about? I have concluded this: you will not know how to get to heaven simply by eavesdropping on the conversations of the members  of the Church.”

~ C.H. Spurgeon (Spiritual Revival: The Want of the Church)

10 thoughts on “Scarcely Mentioned”

  1. Very good from Mr. Spurgeon. Was also thinking of those who talk about Jesus, but the wrong one! The ‘Cosmic Christ’ is now being spoken around that dinner table. Used to be when you spoke of Jesus, everyone knew who you meant, but now so many ‘anothers’. But yes, it is a very sad affair indeed that folks can go to church from the first of Jan. through thru the end of Dec. and His name, Jesus, is never spoken of. …. “eavesdropping”, yes, good way to put it.

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