Soundtrack Review: King Arthur

King Arthur
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Composer: Hans Zimmer
Released: 2004
Running Time: 58 min.



Like Gladiator and The Last Samurai, King Arthur is a superb example of Hans Zimmer’s ability to craft epic orchestral music. Exhilirating, intense, haunting, and imbued with a Celtic flair, it completely immerses the listener in the mysterious world of one of history’s greatest legends. All this to say, if you call yourself a Zimmer fan, your collection is not complete without this one.

Woad to Ruin gets things off to a thoroughly engrossing start, and introduces us to all the major themes which reappear throughout the rest of the album. Hold the Ice and Another Brick In Hadrian’s Wall are heavy, but more restrained, allowing the listener to relax and take a breath before plunging straight into Budget Meeting, as bold and rousing piece of battle music as one could hope for. The concluding piece – All of Them! – is quiet and sorrowful for most of its ten-minute running time, only to break forth into a magnificent reprise of the heroic main theme at the very end.

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