Flotsam & Jetsam (6/30)

A Word, a Song, and an Observation – … from Eddie Eddings of Calvinistic Cartoons.

Book Review: The Treasure Principle – Reviewing Randy Alcorn’s book, Gregg writes, “This book was challenging and inspirational. It caused me to rethink how I view
the privilege of giving. This book forces the reader to think through each
principle personally.”

Testing of Our Faith – Excellent.

Everything’s Broken – From Michael: “The entire world is caught up in a web of pain and suffering, and we cannot change everything for everyone – but what if we tried for just a few? What if you tried for just one? What a difference it would make.”

Books About Exotic Places – Fellow Kindle-users/lovers of adventure books, take a look.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct – Did we really blow the Rob Bell situation? Phil Johnson doesn’t think so: “It’s hard to get evangelicals exercised about any point of doctrine nowadays. To scold them for supposedly overreacting at the rankness of Bell’s damnable heresy strikes me as counterproductive – dangerously so.”

The Gospel and Our Relationship with Christ (Pt. 1) – “One of the great benefits of the gospel is reconciliation between God and sinners and it’s out of this reconciliation that relationship flows. However, it’s a false gospel that substitutes our relationship with God for the gospel truths of Christ crucified and justification by grace through faith.”

Internet Service – Just in case you haven’t seen this yet…

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” ~ William Shedd

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