Flotsam & Jetsam (6/7)

Reel Quick Reviews – Click here to read my review of the latest film in Marvel’s X-Men franchise, X-Men: First Class.

How Much Have You Seen? How Much Have You Cared? –  From Mike: “We all take in many images throughout our week, and most of them we seem to cast aside without second thought. We do not consider what we have just seen, as we drive by it, walk by it, or click past it, and do not think twice about it. But I wonder; what is it we are ignoring?”

Are You A True Bibliophile? – A fun post from fellow blogger Cindy Swanson.

Book Review: The Gift – Dan Phillips reviews Bryan Litfin’s fantasy novel The Gift. “In sum, I truly am sorry to say this volume has the feel of a cut of steak that needed to marinate a few hours longer. It feels like a first or second draft, in need of work, tautening, deepening, and more intricate coloring.”

Novel Idea: Prologue – Mike gives us the rough draft of his new book’s prologue. After reading it, I can’t wait for him to share more. (Discretion is advised for younger readers, due to mature thematic material and some violence).

Once A Worm – A poem from the ever-creative Gregg Metcalf.

Clearly Missional or Clearly On A Mission? – Great thoughts from the Reformed Traveler, and the satirical video fits perfectly.

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