God Wrote What You Do Not Like

“O Bible! it cannot be said of any other book, that it is perfect and pure; but in thee we can declare all wisdom is gathered up in thee, without a particle of folly. This is the judge that ends all strife, where wit and reason fail. This is the book untainted by any error; but is pure, unallowed, perfect truth. Why? Because God wrote it. Ah! charge God with error if you please; tell Him that His book is not what it ought to be.

“I have heard men, with prudish and mock-modesty, who would like to alter the Bible; and (I almost blush to say it) I have heard ministers alter God’s Bible, because they are afraid of it. Have you never heard a man say, “He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved; but he that believeth not” – what does the Bible say? – “Shall be damned.” But that does not happen to be polite enough, so they say, “Shall be condemned.” Gentlemen, pull the velvet out of your mouths; speak God’s word; we want none of your alterations. I have heard men in prayer instead of saying, “Make your calling and election sure,” say “Make your calling and salvation sure.” Pity they were not born when God lived far, far back that they might have taught God how to write. Oh, impudence beyond bounds! Oh full-blown self-conceit! To attempt to dictate to the All-Wise – to teach the Omniscient and instruct the Eternal. Strange that there should be men so vile as to use the penknife of Jehoiakim to cut out passages of the word, because they are unpalatable.

“O ye who dislike certain portions of Holy Writ, rest assured that your taste is corrupt, and that God will not stay for your little opinion. Your dislike is the very reason God wrote it, because you ought not to be suited; you have no right to be pleased. God wrote what you do not like; He wrote the truth.”

~ C.H. Spurgeon, Selected Sermons


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