Flotsam & Jetsam (5/5)

In other news, today’s F&J will be post #200 on this blog, so thanks to all those who take the time to read what I have to say. If you read this blog, but don’t comment… turn over a new leaf. I’m always encouraged to hear from you. As a fellow blogger once said, “It’s not especially fulfilling to write when the only guaranteed audience I have is the shadowy being that exists in the heart of cyberspace itself.”

Now, onto the show…

Film Dissectors – Being one who greatly enjoys watching and critiquing film, I’m always pleased to find a site that takes on the world of cinema from a biblical perspective. Some friends of mine recently set up such a site… and I am more than pleased be among the very first to give it an official shout out.

Soul Surfer – Since we’re on the subject of movies, go watch Movieology “dissect” the recently released “Christian” film Soul Surfer.

Good News – Christina shares why the doctrine of unconditional election is such good news: “The miracle work of conversion belongs to God and not man.”

Seeming Contradictions – Yet another great post by Persis: “There is a temptation to “get God off the hook” by viewing the circumstance as being caused by man or Satan. But if you take it to its logical conclusion, you end up with a God who is not completely sovereign. He wants A to take place, but B has happened, and He was unable to prevent its occurrence. Also the gradation of ‘allowing’ versus ‘ordaining’ still implies, to me, a God who needs a backup because He was somehow prevented from exercising the original plan. Either way, He becomes subordinate to something else, thus making Him less than God.”

Dagger – Daggers are, in my opinion, among the coolest sort of edged-weapon out there.

Jael’s Divine Chutzpa – I’ve always admired Jael’s courage in slaying Sisera, but apparently there are those who take issue with her actions. In response to these criticisms, Diane shares a quote from Matthew Henry, one of the few commentators she could find who appreciated “Jael’s divine chutzpa.”

Trees For Lunch – Now this looks like a cool blog to check out.

One More Time on Moral Equivalence [Caution: Mature] – From Kevin DeYoung: “When we can no longer see the different gradations among sins and sinners and sinful nations, we have not succeeded in respecting our own badness, we’ve cheapened God’s goodness.”

Terror (of a certain kind) and Theology – Good stuff.

News and Notes of Interest – Gregg gives us a fascinating “Did You Know?” post. I especially like the part about the KJV Bible, which still remains my favorite translation.

Long Work vs. Hard Work– Seth Godin makes an important distinction: “I think it’s worth noting that long work often sets the stage for hard work. If you show up enough and practice enough and learn enough, it’s more likely you will find yourself in a position to do hard work. It seems, though that no matter how much long work you do, you won’t produce the benefits of hard work unless you are willing to leap.” (HT Challies)

“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

7 thoughts on “Flotsam & Jetsam (5/5)”

  1. Thanks for the link to the Soul Surfer review. My suspicions were confirmed, unfortunately. I don’t have much patience for depictions of Christianity that are more sentimentality than substance.

    1. What saddens me is the overwhelmingly positive reviews Soul Surfer has gotten from most people. Such a shame. Christians are so desperate for a “Christian” movie they don’t really care what kind of Christianity it is.

      1. IMHO, much of what is deemed “Christian” nowadays is a fill-in-the-blank sort of thing. There’s a bare framework for believers to populate the missing information from their own minds. Thus, they can’t see the glaring holes that exist. Unfortunately for the nonbeliever, what’s really depicted is a more generic spirituality that is no Christianity at all.

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