Soundtrack Review: The Next Three Days

The Next Three Days
(Music from the Motion Picture)
Composer: Danny Elfman
Running Time: 70 min.
Released: 2011



I must admit that Danny Elfman has never been one of my favorite film composers. Even so, his score for the 2010 thriller The Next Three Days blew me away. Instead of an uninspired collection of action cues, Elfman’s score is surprisingly poignant and deep, blending quiet humanity with desperation, urgency, and heartache.

Prologue opens the album with a bevy of strings and a short, sweet piano theme that’s hard to forget once it gets inside your head. Pittsburgh’s Tough is a genuinely moving piece (all the more so if you’ve seen the film), while Don Quixote and It’s On let loose with dramatic intensity. A Warning is slow, bittersweet, and haunting; it’s followed Breakout, a brilliant cue marked by edgy string writing and a sprinkling of electronica. The Truth pretty much wraps things up, and of all the tracks, it’s probably the most hopeful. Also included on the album are two songs by Moby, Mistake and Be the One.

Buy the MP3 album on or iTunes.


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