Flotsam & Jetsam (3/31)

Take That! (slap…slap…slap)I like how my pastor applies this quote from Augustine’s City of God to dealing with a “long-term, committed, and informed atheist”.

Fear and the Last Judgment – Peter Hitchens  (brother of Christopher) shares how God used an artistic interpretation of the Last Judgment to lead him to faith: “I did not have a ‘religious experience.’ Nothing mystical or inexplicable took place – no trance, no swoon, no vision, no voices, no blaze of light. But I had a sudden, strong sense of religion being a thing of the present day, not imprisoned under thick layers of time.”

Bible History That Never Happened! – King David suffers from psalm-writers block… and decides to “redeem” a song from pop culture. Sound familiar?

The Three R’s – Bob Kauflin gives three reasons why it is important that Christians sing during corporate worship.

The Most Dangerous Thing – From Thabiti Anyabwile: “The real danger, the most perilous jeopardy, of disobeying God’s commands is not that we fail to present before Him a suitable righteousness or incur His wrath. The most serious danger inherent in our disobedience is that we ‘forget the Lord our God’ himself.”

His Greatest Failure As A Pastor – Thought-provoking and sad.

Misplaced Aims – Albert Mohler critiques Amy Chua’s bestselling book The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

Slandered – In a recent, emotional interview, Rob Bell says he’s been misunderstood and slandered by his critics. *sigh* Danny Burk points out, “If he is going to say that he has been misrepresented and slandered, I would like to hear some substantive engagement with his critics.”

Celebrating Superiority – A great post by Challies on envy. “To delight in the superiority of another. There is humility. There is envy slaughtered and laid to rest. I think I envy this lack of envy.”

March Book Briefs – From Kevin DeYoung.

God of Wonders – The heavens declare the glory of God… and so do the snow crystals.

“Appraisals are where you get together with your team leader and agree what an outstanding member of the team you are, how much your contribution has been valued, what massive potential you have and, in recognition of all this, would you mind having your salary halved.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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