What’s With All the Bird-Hatching?

I’m currently reading Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October – a fantastic thriller, by the way – and I just had to laugh when I came across this passage:

“Ha!” Dodge laughed. “Johhnie says you have a bunch of new kids.”
“Number six is due the end of February,” Tyler said proudly.
“Six? You’re not a Catholic or a Mormon, are you? What’s with all the bird-hatching?”
Tyler gave his former boss a wry look. He’d never understood that prejudice in the nuclear navy. It came from Rickover, who had invented the disparaging term bird-hatching for fathering more than one child. What the hell was wrong with having kids?

Now, I realize that the last sentence isn’t exactly model Christian word-slinging; nevertheless, does it not faintly echo the words of Psalm 127:3? “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.”

3 thoughts on “What’s With All the Bird-Hatching?”

  1. Yes..the less refined way to say children are a blessing. I guess I shouldn’t say that last line when someone comments on how many children we have, huh? Perhaps on a t-shirt?

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