Flotsam & Jetsam (3/29)

“Love Wins”: John Gerstner Style – Great stuff. “When God changes you, you will repent. Not when He warns you, threatens you, pleads with you. He must change you if you are ever to repent.”

Open Letter to Rob Bell – Since we’re on this topic, we might as well keep going. Frank Turk wrote a superb refutation of Bell’s book over at the Pyromaniacs. Here’s a snippet: “In the very best case, maybe you just haven’t read all the NT, and therefore you may simply not know the NT. That’s forgivable – but you are writing a book here, and the least an author can do is to actually know what his source material says before he refers to it. I think, however that you have read the NT, and this simply shows how you are willing to treat it as a text – which is, without respect.” (HT Diane)

Between Allah and Jesus – Jonathan Brack over at TGC Reviews addresses Peter Kreeft’s latest book, Between Allah and Jesus: What Christians Can Learn From Muslims.

Heaven Is for Real – When I first caught sight of this bestseller in the bookstore, my first reaction was, “Yeah, duh.” Challies offers a bit more in-depth assessment of the book.

How Can Movies Help You Understand Your Times? – From American Vision: “Should Christians watch movies at all? What does the Bible say about art and culture? Michael Minkoff, guest-hosting for Joseph Darnell, explores a biblical approach to watching movies, and how they can better serve God’s purposes to further the cause of Christ.”

The Greatest Gift – If you were blessed by Petra’s poem Homophones… well, here it is set to music. Pretty neat.

How Well Will You Die? – In light of actress Elizabeth Taylor’s passing, Greg writes, “Many people truly fear death. I think they fear death, first of all for good reason, and secondly, because it is natural to fear death. Death remains that great unknown and it is so very permanent. The person who has not been made alive by God through the Holy Spirit does not possess that comfort and assurance spoken of by Paul in II Corinthians 5:8, ‘…to be absent from the body…present with the Lord.'”

The Pulley – One of my favorite poems by the great George Herbert.

The Last Attack – If you’ve ever read the original Beowulf, you’ll get a kick out of this.

“God is not honored by emotion grounded in falsehood.” ~ John Piper,
Ligonier Minstries’ 2011 National Conference

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