As Many Heads As A Hydra

“My chief and abiding trial lies within; and I hope that the Lord will sanctify it – to make me by degrees ‘little’ in my own eyes. I long to be able to use Job’s words, with the same feeling as I believe Job had when he spoke them, ‘Behold, I am vile!’ (Job 40:4.) The acknowledgment in words is quite easy – but really and in good earnest to ‘abhor myself’ and repent in dust and ashes – is most difficult. I know that I ought to be humbled before Him – but I want to be so indeed.

“But that monster self has as many heads as a Hydra – and as many lives as a cat! It is more than 25 years since I hoped it was fast nailed to the cross – but alas, it is still very much alive – and still mixing with, and spoiling everything I do!”

~ John Newton

HT Grace Gems


2 thoughts on “As Many Heads As A Hydra”

  1. I love this quote, son! The battle with my self makes me long for heaven all the more. May you constantly wear the armor of God and glorify Him in all things!

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