Flotsam & Jetsam (3/10)

Love Wins – Tim Challies offers a thorough, reasoned, and biblical review of Rob Bell’s new book. “Love does win, but not the kind of love that Bell talks about in this book. The love he describes is one that is founded solely on the idea that the primary object of God’s love is man…”

Consumerist Church – The Sacred Sandwich provides yet another laugh.

“Through” Means “Through Faith” – Kevin DeYoung over at the Gospel Coalition addresses inclusivism: “Unless we believe that Christ is ‘he,’ the long awaited Messiah and heaven sent Son of God, we will die in our sins (8:24). Jesus could not make the point any clearer. Through’ means ‘through faith.’ Inclusivism and John 14:6 cannot be friends.”

The Adjustment Bureau – Movieology reviews a film I’ve been looking forward to seeing for quite sometime.

Put On Some Slacks, Sissy – Listen up, guys: “Why have Christian men forgotten their duty as kings? We conquer nature and make it work for us. We oppose the enemies of God, and nobly defeat them in truth and love. We defend our kingdoms, our families, our queens (soon enough). But we look like grade school dorks. If we are kings, then why do we still dress in sweats and camouflage? No king could show up to court in his pajamas and demand respect; he must earn it in all he does. This includes dress, fellas.”

Are You Alive? – Prove it.

Building Literary Muscles – The best quote I’ve come across this week.

How It Should’ve Ended [Caution: Mature] – Zach Nielsen shares a video about how The Dark Knight (2008) should have ended. “Wait… is that your new stage voice? You sound like you’re gargling marbles.”

Hold the Schleiermacher – Hop over to Persis’ blog for a little history lesson.

“Don’t hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting;
but never hit soft.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt


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