Flotsam & Jetsam (3/3)

Who Said It? – Actor Charlie Sheen and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi give us some fun… at their own expense. (HT Challies)

Tiny Spies – More on those amazing hummingbird drones. “The Pentagon has poured millions of dollars into the development of tiny drones inspired by biology, each equipped with video and audio equipment that can record sights and sounds. They could be used to spy, but also to locate people inside earthquake-crumpled buildings and detect hazardous chemical leaks.”

Don’t Follow A Bad Leader – Wise and timely advice from the Prince of Preachers, courtesy of the Pyromaniacs.

February Book Briefs – From Kevin DeYoung. Also, check out his worthwhile article concerning the recent Rob Bell controversy.

Honoring Our Veterans – Well-written and thought-provoking. “It is easy to type on your keyboard, and it is easy to speak in front of a sympathetic crowd. Overcoming your fear to face the culture of death, and dealing with dignity in the face of its vicious attempts to humiliate and degrade you is true heroism.”

Hell Under Fire – I am getting myself a copy of this book as soon as I get a chance. And I recommend you do, too.

Find – (Another) beautiful poem by Petra, this time on the Book of Books.

Addicted – Tullian Tchividjian writes, “When you don’t have anything to lose, you discover something wonderful: you’re free! Nothing in this broken world can beat a man who isn’t afraid to lose! And when you’re not afraid to lose you can say crazy, counterintuitive stuff like, “To live is Christ and to die is gain!” That’s pure, unadulterated freedom.”

“When it comes to writing, strike while the iron is hot. Better to mold the clay while it’s soft than to let it sit and harden.” ~ William Royden Raines

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