Truth for the Individual, Not the Universe

One of the books currently on my bookshelf is The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World, edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor. Today, I came across this passage in a chapter by David Wells. Read it and chew on it because it perfectly describes the prevalent worldview in today’s society.

An outside God, such as we find in biblical faith, is comprehensible because He is self-defined in His revelation; the inside god is not. The inside god is merged into the psychological texture of the seeker and found spread within the vagaries of self. The outside God stands over against those who would know Him; the inside one emerges within their consciousness and is a part of them. Religions have their schools of thought and their interpreters, and always the debate is over who most truly understands the religion. Spirituality, in the contemporary sense, spawns no such debate because it makes no truth claims and seeks no universal significance. It lives out its life within the confines of private experience. “Truth” is private, not public; it is for the individual, not the universe.

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