Soundtrack Review: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Composer: Hans Zimmer
Running Time: 52 min.
Released: 2009



To call Hans Zimmer’s score for Sherlock Holmes evocative would be an understatement: it nails Doyle’s creation on the head. In fact, you could easily get a good idea of Holmes’ character just by listening to the music; which is a pretty impressive achievement in my book. Zimmer successfully meshes an odd blend of instruments – including the mandolin, fiddle, accordion, and dulcimer – and the result is a simple yet complex score that alternately conveys subtlety, intensity, mystery, and even comedy.

The opening track, Discombobulate, is sheer genius. Starting out quiet, it explodes at the 21 second mark, and develops into one of the best and most memorable themes I’ve ever encountered in a motion picture. I Never Woke Up In Handcuffs Before is bizarre and fun, predominated by an ever-so-slightly-out-of-tune fiddle that whines and squeals along with maniacal glee; while the following cue, My Mind Rebels At Stagnation, communicates a sense of impending danger. Ah, Putrefaction is sad and thoughtful, but lovely nonetheless, especially towards the end. Then there’s my favorite track, Psychological Recovery, which could be considered the climax of the entire score. It takes off at a run, fiddles chugging, and darts from one exciting section to another for a full 18 minutes. Finally comes Catatonic, a piece that brings the album to a close in an enthusiastic and thrilling manner.


4 thoughts on “Soundtrack Review: Sherlock Holmes”

  1. Ooh, that sounds really nice!!!! Everyone except Caleb and I saw that one (yes, yes, I know, I know…. I just didn’t feel in the mood for that type of movie that night!) And all of them said it had really neat music. :) I will have to go listen to the sample stuff on amazon if they have it. :)


  2. I’ve never seen or read anything pertaining to Sherlock Holmes. Music should
    be interesting. – but I’ll let you enjoy it.
    Thanks for the post. Praying for you and the family.

  3. Yeah..i agree, Hans Zimmer is my favorite composer and Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorites he had created, but my top is Kung Fu Panda’s Soundtrack he did.

    1. I love Hans Zimmer’s work (particularly on Sherlock Holmes, Gladiator, and Inception), but I don’t have the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack. I may have to look it up, especially since Zimmer is paired with another favorite composer of mine, John Powell.

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