Beauty and Violence

I’m currently making my way through Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. It is an amazing book, and worth every ounce of the label “Classic”.

But Foxe’s Book of Martyrs is not a pretty story. It’s an ugly one, a violent one – in fact, it’s probably one of the most disturbing, gut-wrenching, appalling stores I’ve ever read. And yet therein lies of the beauty of it. Because Foxe’s Book of Martyrs is the story of heroes. And not just heroes: heroes of the Christian faith; men and women who were willing to undergo the most horrendous losses, the most inhumane tortures, the most ignoble deaths – all for the Lord who redeemed them. That is true beauty. That is true love. That is the grace of God.

And we lose our temper when someone cuts us off in traffic.

7 thoughts on “Beauty and Violence”

  1. Sorry to be off-topic, but I wanted to share a comment with you. Randy Alcorn is my friend on Facebook, and I gave him a link to your review. Here’s his comment:

    “Thanks for this, Cindy. I appreciated the kind review. I think about Ollie a lot. Even referred to him, in passing, in a recent book. Some day I want to come back to him. When I don’t know. But thanks for your interest!”

    1. Wow, thanks Cindy. I appreciate it. And if you happen to correspond with Mr. Alcorn anytime soon, give him my thanks, too. And tell him that whenever he comes out with another Ollie Chandler book, I plan on being among the first to read it. :)

  2. Years ago I had the book and read through it. Totally amazing what the Christians
    went through for Christ. Not sure “Christians” today would be willing to suffer like they did back then. It puts us to shame today. Yet, look what Christ went through for us. Thank you, Jesus.

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