Flotsam & Jetsam (1/31)

Cautions for Mere Christianity – I really appreciated this article by Kevin DeYoung, in which he addresses two significant deficiencies in Mere Christianity – specifically, Lewis’ inclusivistic theology and his faulty views on atonement.

I Am, but Nothing Is – Challies answers the question, “What is the greatest hinderance to the gospel today?”

What’s Missing? – Interesting. Very Interesting. And sad, too.

Art, Nakedness, and Redemption [Caution: Mature] -William Vandoodewaard over at Reformation 21 states, “To reject nudity in art and film is no denial of artistic ability, nor of created beauty. It is a realistic, careful, humble acknowledgment of God’s redemptive work in Christ and His precepts for a grace transformed, holy, happy life in a fallen world.”

Gospel-Driven Sanctification – Tullian Tchividjian offers an excellent reminder: “… any piety and pursuit of holiness not grounded in, and driven by, the gospel will eventually run out of gas…”

“Every time you draw your breath – you suck in God’s mercy!” ~ Thomas Watson

2 thoughts on “Flotsam & Jetsam (1/31)”

  1. I can’t say I agree on either point in the Lewis article. The whole point of Mere Christianity is that we too often major on minors. True, the atonement is important, but it’s hardly central to our faith, in terms of knowing exactly what Christ accomplished. And the Bible is vague enough on the particulars that there is still a lively debate on that topic. I also don’t object to some amount of inclusiveness, but I understand people have strong opinions about it.

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