Man Vs. Robot

“Most likely the epic struggle of man versus robot will not be fought by soldiers on a smoky battlefield; it will be acted out by average men and women and their unruly appliances. This is the morning you wake up and your toast is not made, your house is not cleaned, and your television only shows static. Outside the window, robotic lawn mowers are chasing people down the street. Inside the house, the vacuum cleaner is eyeing you angrily.”

~ Daniel H. Wilson, How To Survive A Robot Uprising (pg. 142)


3 thoughts on “Man Vs. Robot”

  1. Hmm, interesting. Is it a story or just thoughts. (Sorry, my brain is on low-functioning level and I can’t think of any correct lingo)
    Have you enjoyed it? Do you recomend it?
    Your Sister in Christ, Rebecca

    1. Hey Rebecca,

      The excerpt is tongue-and-cheek. :) It’s taken from the book How To Survive A Robot Uprising. Yes, I’ve enjoyed it, and yes, I’d definitely recommend it (I’ll be doing a review of it here soon). It’s a great book, but not really meant to be taken seriously. In fact, if you look for it in the bookstore, you’ll probably find it in the humor section…

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

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