Christmas 2010

May your day be filled blessing as you ponder the wondrous
Gift God has given us in His Son, Jesus Christ.

“Merry Christmas! The words fall idly, perhaps, from too many careless lips; they are uttered by those who give it no deeper meaning than a passing friendly salutation of the moment; and yet every tongue that repeats the phrase bears unconscious witness to the power of the Gospel – those good-tidings of great joy to all mankind.”

~ Susan Fenimore Cooper, Rural Hours

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2010”

  1. The quote you shared was sadly true, except that now we have to say “happy holidays” because heaven forbid if we offend any one! *gasp* Yeah….

    Merry Christmas!!!!!! (ooh, that was politically incorrect…)

    Hope you all had a wonderful day! It was nice seeing your family at the Christmas Eve service last night!! We really enjoyed it!! You did a good job reading, by the way. Everyone did!

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