Soundtrack Review: Knight And Day

Knight And Day
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Composer: John Powell
Running Time: 55 min.
Released: 2010



Knight And Day may not be the jaw-dropping masterpiece that How To Train Your Dragon was, but it is still one of John Powell’s best scores to date, and a worthy addition to any music library. It’s fun, engaging, and fresh – and smoothly alternates between a sense of relaxed “coolness”, anticipation, and racing intensity. Powell has always had a knack for seamlessly blending electronics with a traditional orchestra, and he does so in this score, to superb effect. Also, in keeping with the Spanish-flavoring of the score, Powell incorporates renowned guitarists Rodrigo E Gabriela, which is icing on the cake.

At The Airport starts the album off on a cool, nonchalant note, and introduces us to several key themes. Hostage features a catchy guitar tune, while Rooftops is an impressive action track dominated by strings, drums, and horns. The Villa initially sounds like a repeat of the first cue, but midway it evolves into something much more intense and builds to incredible climax. The explosive Bull Run is undoubtedly the funnest and most memorable track on the score, starting out fast and never stopping till the very end. The final track is Going To Cape  Horn? Take A Jacket. It has an awkward title, but its trouble ends there. Offering a clever solo guitar variation on the main theme, it brings everything to a quiet, restful conclusion.

Buy the MP3 album on or iTunes.

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